Zelf kiezen om waardig te sterven ?

Dit hete hangijzer wordt maandagavond 13 juni behandeld op BBC2 in het programma van Sir Terry Pratchett "Choosing to Die". Het programma begint om 22u Belgische tijd. Het betreft een zeer controversiële documentaire. De maker van het programma lijdt zelf al drie jaar aan dementie.

"Choosing to Die" Monday 13 June 10:00 pm BBC2
Don't let the fog of other people's outrage blind you to the profound questions about self-determination, quality of life and personal choice asked by author Terry Pratchett in what has become a hugely controversial documentary. In one of its periodic paroxysms of moral fury, what used to be known as "Fleet Street" has saddled up the highest horse to protest at the broadcasting of an assisted suicide. But surely television has a contribution to make to the debate about one of life's great questions: should we be allowed to choose the time and manner of our own deaths? In Choosing to Die we witness the final moments of Peter, who suffers from motor neurone disease and travels to Switzerland to end his life. Sir Terry, who has Alzheimer's, explores his own feelings. He wants to die at a time of his choosing, but when the time comes, he wonders, will this be possible?